Save 20c on Parcel Costs

Save an Average 20c on Parcel Costs
Postbase Parcel 2

You save around 20c per Parcel Costs because Australia Post will rebate 2.5% of all postage spent through a Postage Meter.

eg. Parcel cost $10.00 = Rebate 25c.

A Postage Meter will calculate Parcel Costs for any item you’re sending, and print the postage.


Sending Parcels with a Postage Meter

  1. Get FREE Tracking Labels from your local Australia Post business center.
  2. Select either ‘Express Post’ or ‘Parcel Post’ on your Postage Meter.
  3. Print & attach the correct Postage and Tracking Label.
  4. Place the Parcel into either an Express Post or Red Letter Box.

Standard Parcel under 500gm is $7.60

Express Post Parcel under 500gm is $10.35

Sending Parcels and saving money is easy with a Postage Meter.