clean-mail-ladySecret Postage Discounts

I’m always amazed at how few people are aware of Australia Post’s ‘Clean Mail’ service. Clean Mail is a simple and very effective way for businesses to save 10c per letter on any mail-out of 300 or more

Clean Mail – Requirements

  1.  300 Letters or more.
  2.  Addresses must be machine printed.
  3.  Envelopes must be either ‘Franked’ using a Postage Meter or ‘pre-printed with a ‘Postage Paid’ message.
  4.  Envelopes must contain a return address.
  5.  Mail must be lodged over a Post Office Counter.

Clean Mail is a simple process when you use a Postage Meter, not only will you save 10c per letter you also save a further 2.5% of your overall spend. Postage is printed onto any envelope along with a return address and logo if your using a Postage Meter and the mail can be lodged at any Post Office.

The alternative is to have your envelopes pre-printed with a Postage Paid Australia message and a return address, the mail is then counted, a form filled in and the mail must be lodged over a Post Office counter.

Clean Mail Pricing

You can pay for Clean Mail using a Postage Meter!

NOTE: You receive an additional 2,5% rebate with a Postage Meter.

Size Priority Standard
Small* $1.125


Small Plus* $1.734 $1.42

What You Can Send!

With Clean Mail, you can send ‘Small’ (DL) to ‘Small Plus’ (C5) items.

Envelope Size Small (DL) (C6) Small Plus (C5)
Maximum weight



Minimum size 88 x 138mm  88 x 138mm
Maximum size 130 x 240mm 162 x 240mm
Maximum thickness 5mm