Purchase and Print Postage From Your Desk!

Ideal for any small office the Postbase Mini will calculate Postage Prices including parcel costs, large letter prices, international mail prices and more with just a few touches.

Calculate Postage Prices Instantly.

Calculating Parcel costs, and the cost of sending a letter is not always easy, with the Postbase Mini its child’s play.

Rental From Only $11.50 Per Week!         ‘IT COSTS LESS THAN A TRIP TO THE POST OFFICE’

Did you know that a mail pick-up service cost around $50 per week?

Why Use A Postage Meter?No Post Office Required

  • It’s easy – simply post your mail in any street posting box.
  • No minimum volume.
  • No need for barcoding, sorting or lodgement documents.
  • Always print the correct postage prices onto the mail being sent.
  • Save an average 10c per letter and 12c per parcel.
  • Keep your postage secure and monitored at all times.
  • Use plain Envelopes for ‘Express Post’ services, eliminating the need to store them.
  • Pay for ‘Standard Mail’, ‘Express Post’, ‘Airmail’ and ‘Satchels’ all from the comfort of your office.

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‘Express Post’ using Plain Envelopes!

With the new Postbase Mini you can calculate Postage Prices instantly, ideal for small offices who only have the occasional large letter, Parcel or International item. With the Postbase Mini you can even use plain envelopes as ‘Express Post’ letters by simply attaching a ‘FREE’ ‘Express Post’ tracking label which your local Australia Post business centre will provide.

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