Calculate Parcel Prices Instantly From Your Office.

Postbase Parcel 2Parcel prices are instantly calculated with a Postage Meter.

  • Select parcels from the touch screen menu
  • Select the method of delivery – ‘Standard’ ‘Express’ ‘Courier’.
  • Receive a discount on your postage.
  • Print the postage onto a label and attach it to your Parcel.
  • Place the parcel into any Letter Box or take it to a Post Office.

Whether you’re sending multiple parcels or they’re simply a small part of your weekly mail a Postage Meter will not only calculate Parcel Prices it will also print and prepare your mail ready to send without the need to travel to a Post Office or the need to store hundreds of dollars worth of stamps in your office.

All mail is discounted when you use a Postage Meter!                          READ MORE