Direct Mail Services


Our office has been an authorised supplier of Australia Post products since 1988, specialising in Postage Meters (Franking Machines) we have been working with sending bulk mailScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.48.49 PM for over 20 years, with experience in Folding and Inserting equipment, Envelope Printers and mail fulfilment services we are able to offer a fast and competitive service specially targeted to small volumes of mail.

Our aim with Direct Mail Services is to offer our customers an efficient way of utilising all Australia Post’s services and to assist them with all aspects of ‘Direct Mail Marketing’, we can supply everything from a basic mailing list, to printing, folding, inserting, franking and lodging service that will completely cater your next mail-out.

We believe that the ability to send and receive a quality mail piece will continue to be a excellent form of communication

 Our Services Include

 Bar-coding Software:Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 4.48.53 PM

We can supply Bar-coding software products that will suit all applications, the products start with a basic program that will process comer and tab delimited mailing lists, is compatible with Microsoft products such as Excel, Word, Access, all the way up to a tailored solution that will automate data entry throughout an organisation

Address Verification Software:

Software products which allow large lists to be merged, de-duplicated, addresses corrected utilising the Australia Post’s PAF (Postal Address File)

Folding and Inserting Service:

With our wealth of experience and products we are able to offer a complete mailing service which will specifically cater to small to medium volumes, we offer a fast and competitive service because we don’t deal with large volumes. Fill in our quote request form, or call our office to get an accurate price based on your particular application

 Envelope Supply:

As with all Folding and Inserting Machines, only Gummed (Lick-n-Stick) envelopes can be used, we supply a range of envelopes which are specifically designed to use with Folding Inserting machines, all at great prices.

Bar-coding Service:

We can attach Postal Bar-codes to your mailing lists, maximising the Australia Post discounts.

Data Verification:

We can merge, clean, de-duplicate and sort mailing lists in a variety of ways eliminating ‘Returned mail’ which is usually labelled ‘Incorrect Address’ ‘Cannot find address’ etc….