Why You Need a Postage Meter!

Small Machine – Big Features

With a Postage Meter, you buy and print your postage from your desk!

I Know…I know…. you hardly send any mail, but if you do send a large letter or Parcel, how do you work out the postage price now?

Postage Costs made easy!

There are 3 prices for large letters based on weight. $2:00, $3.00 or $5.00. A Postage Meter will calculate the Postage Price instantly!

Parcel costs are based on weight and the distance to the delivery point, a Postage Meter asks you for a Post Code and then calculates and prints the postage price.

Meters will instantly calculate the postage price of large letters, parcels, satchels and International Mail meaning you print the stamp and place the mail into any Postbox anywhere!

Alternatives to a Postage Meter are – Stamps – (guessing the postage price or having to calculate each item) – An Australia Post account meaning you must calculate the cost’s, fill in a detailed form and then take the mail to the Post Office. –  or pay $12.00 per day to have the mail picked up.

A small inexpensive Postage Meter will not only save you a huge amount of time but will also save you money.

With a Postage Meter, you can send any Envelope, Parcel or Satchel as an ‘Express Post’ item without needing to buy the ‘Express Post’ items, you simply attach a free ‘Express Post’ tracking label to the item your sending then place the item into any yellow Post Box anywhere.

On top of all this Australia Post offers a 2.5% rebate on all postage spent through a Postage Meter, including bulk mail, large parcels and ‘Express Post’.

Save 20c on Parcel Costs

Save an Average 20c on Parcel Costs
Postbase Parcel 2

You save around 20c per Parcel Costs because Australia Post will rebate 2.5% of all postage spent through a Postage Meter.

eg. Parcel cost $10.00 = Rebate 25c.

A Postage Meter will calculate Parcel Costs for any item you’re sending, and print the postage.


Sending Parcels with a Postage Meter

  1. Get FREE Tracking Labels from your local Australia Post business center.
  2. Select either ‘Express Post’ or ‘Parcel Post’ on your Postage Meter.
  3. Print & attach the correct Postage and Tracking Label.
  4. Place the Parcel into either an Express Post or Red Letter Box.

Standard Parcel under 500gm is $7.60

Express Post Parcel under 500gm is $10.35

Sending Parcels and saving money is easy with a Postage Meter.