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Batch Addressing Tool

Easy to use postal, barcoding and address validation solution

 Save on Postage

Any organisation mailing more than 300 items within Australia at one time should consider postal barcode savings. With approximate savings of 5% to 50% per year, postal bar-coding can usually deliver a significant return on investment with very little effort.

You will notice barcodes above the addresses of most of the bills you receive at home. These barcodes are unique for every address in Australia and allow the post office to get the mail to its destination faster, more accurately and cheaper. When you barcode your mail using the Batch Addressing Tool, these savings are passed back to you through cheaper postage.

The Batch Addressing Tool gives you everything you need to easily access bulk barcoded postage savings.

Validate Your Mailing List

Most people hope that their mailing list has mostly valid address details, they then usually wait for returned mail to inform them of any errors. Considering that less than 1 in 3 incorrectly addressed items are ever returned, and even when it is returned the postage and preparation costs have already been wasted, it is an expensive way to clean up a mailing list.

In normal circumstances simple and common mistakes such as a missing unit number, a misspelt street name or an incorrect postcode or suburb can cause wastage and embarrassment for many years before being discovered.

The Batch Addressing Tool runs through all the addresses in your database, automatically correcting them where possible and providing reasons for those that remain invalid at the end. Not only does this make the mail you do send more deliverable, it also allows you to remove or follow up any suspect addresses before any money is wasted.

The Batch Addressing Tool also standardises valid addresses, allowing you to print clear, compact address details that you know exist.

Produce Mail Faster

 Most offices print and send their mail without realising that not only can the cost and accuracy be improved, but so can the time and effort to produce it. The Batch Addressing Tools streamlined features allow users to get the mail from the list to the post office in the shortest possible time with the minimum effort and cost.

Twins Mailing Suite

Twins Mailing Suite features the tools you need to gain the maximum savings available through Australia Post’s Barcoding Mail Pre-Sort system. With the industry’s leading DPID allocation engine you’ll be reassured that you will achieve the highest possible match rate against the Australian Postal Address File (PAF file) in the fastest time, 100,000 records in 4 minutes on a standard desktop PC with no manual interaction required. More matches against the PAF File means more Barcodes, means cheaper postage. It doesn’t end with just Barcodes; Twins Mailing Suite comes with sophisticated pre-sorting software that allows you to extend your postage savings through to Direct Trays.


Simply entering a few details and your mail is sorted in no time at all. Everything you need comes standard including:


  • The Australian Postal Address File (PAF File)
  • AMAS approved address repair, address validation and DPID allocation
  • BQP approved barcode creation
  • BQP approved extended barcode creation
  • Pre-sort allocation and sorting
  • Manifest and Manifest Summary report creation
  • Barcoded Address Label printing
  • The 4 State Barcode Font provided for your own mail merges
  • Easily understood match results; eg “Unit number could not be found”
  • Pricing Report
  • Automated Tray Label production

Having the easiest to use and most comprehensive barcoding mail production suite available is an important feature that appeals to all users, however Twins Mailing Suite has another huge benefit for those on a deadline by being the fastest postal barcoding mail suite available.