A Post Office On Your Desk!



Inbuilt Postage Scales!


Calculate Parcel Costs!  


Auto Envelope Feeder Option! 


Use Plain Envelopes for ‘EXPRESS POST’!


Touch Screen  App’s!


Secure Postage With PIN Access!



Place Your Mail Into any Post Box – Anywhere!

Postage Meters

Purchase And Print Postage From Your Desk!

Postage Meters will calculate postage instantly.

Ideal for any small office the Postbase Postage Meter calculates parcel costs, large letters, international and more.

Why Use A Postage Meter?
  • A Postage Meter can be cheaper than one trip to the Post Office.
  • It’s easy – simply post your mail in any street posting box.
  • No need for barcoding, sorting or lodgement documents.
  • Always print the correct postage prices onto the mail being sent.
  • Keep your postage secure and monitored at all times.
  • Use plain Envelopes for ‘Express Post’ services eliminating the need to store them.

Folding & Inserting Machines

Our Folding & Inserting Machines will fold paper, insert the paper into envelopes and seal the envelopes ready to send in one swift process.

Our inserting machines range from small desktop units to large, intelligent, high volume machines.

Paper Folding

Folding and inserting letters manually will take approx 100 letters per hour!

Folding, inserting and sealing paper into envelopes is a tiresome job which is often done at the end of the month by a team of staff.

Because Paper Folding Machines fold paper ready to insert into envelopes the time taken is cut in half, making the task a far easier one. 200 PER HOUR

Paper Folding Machines will fold paper at 120 sheets per minute.

Cardboard Shredders

“I can’t recommend this machine enough in cost savings and the fact you can do your bit for the environment as well is a great bonus!”

– Shane Pullen
General Manager
Allstat Wholesale Stationers P/L

Replace Bubble Wrap and Poly Packaging with Waste Cardboard by using a Cardboard Shredder! Save money and the environment with sustainable ongoing packaging material while you cut the cost of Cardboard Collection!

We have 2 models of Cardboard Shredders that will suit any warehouse.

Machines are heavy duty, extremely reliable and never need consumables!

“Our monthly bubble wrap usage has gone down significantly. Our customers now trust us more as they know we are actively doing something for the environment.”

– Jamie Xuereb
Mediapoint Pty Ltd