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Express Post  ** NEWS **

You can now use a Postage Meter to send ‘EXPRESS POST’ Letters, Parcels & Satchels.

Update Your Postage Meter

How to Update your Postage Meter with the latest Australia Post pricing.


Australia Post changed postage rates and introduced new services on October 3rd!

Big Discounts on Paper Folding Machines

Huge Discounts on our Paper Folding Machines are now available.

  • Envelope Printers

    A dedicated envelope printer can print addresses onto envelopes at 4000 per hour, no labels needed!

  • Paper Shredders

    We only supply top-quality German-designed equipment with great long term warranties.

  • Mailing Lists

    Buy a Mailing List here and send it yourself, or have us send it for you.

  • Barcoding Software

    Send your next mailer for as little as 79c per letter by utilising Barcoding Software.

  • Address Verification

    Contact us for a full suite of address verification software products, or send us your mailing list and we can clean, repair, de-duplicate and barcode it for you.

  • Labels

    Franking Labels to suit all model machines.

  • Envelopes

    Specialising in Folding and Inserting Machine Envelopes.

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